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I work collaboratively with my clients.  That means that I will take time to understand your values and the rhythm of your work, what you are passionate about, who you work with and to learn about your ambitions. I will get to grips with the strategic and political context in which you work.  

I like to stay in regular contact with my clients, so I can keep up to date on project developments as well communicating emerging issues.  This enables me to be responsive to opportunities and new situations that inevitably arise during a contract.


I've worked for funding bodies, independent consultancies and have delivered projects in my local community.  

I understand what funding bodies are interested in, because I've worked for two of them - Arts Council England and Arts Council of Wales - leading on research, publishing and communications.  I studied to PhD level, which means I'm comfortable writing for an academic or specialist audience as well as for the general public.  

The consistent strands that run through my professional life are socially engaged practice (artists, communities and service providers coming together to make a difference to people's lives) and enabling individuals and organisations to flourish and achieve their ambitions.


I am currently a trustee of Somerset Art Works and Theatre Alibi.

Previously I was a trustee of Audiences London (now The Audience Agency). 


Tammy Newberry and Caroline Barry are my Research Associates.  I have also collaborated with consultants and consultant teams, most recently with Claire Antrobus and Michèle Taylor.

Theatre Alibi
Somerset Art Works
Somerset Art Works Processions

Somerset Art Works at Processions 2018.  Photo: D Jelley

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