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Evaluation of Creative Capital Programme

2003 – 2005

The evaluation tracked the career paths of 28 professional artists over a 12 -18 month period.  Each artist developed a personal develop plan and undertook training or advice to enable them to meet their career objectives.  The artists were all sole traders and worked in a wide range of art forms, including: body adornment artist, clown, actor, singer, dancer, performance poet, playwright, ceramicist as well as those working across multiple disciplines. The training and advice was provided through a network of 13 partner organisations.  The evaluation was designed to look at the impact of the project as well as the most successful form of intervention by the support partners. 


“I think it would be useful to have some kind of scheme like a mentor scheme that I could go and chat to somebody that would be relevant to me. And some admin help – for example if there was an administrator dedicated to circus or street arts or whatever that has 10 companies that they look after, you buy a half day a week or whatever.”

“I would like to have more feedback from people within the industry. I would like to know a lot more people in the industry. I find it very difficult to get there because even though they’re there I just can’t reach them. They’re not close enough.”

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