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Evaluation of Senior Dance Leader's Programme

2005 – 2007

The evaluation tracked the leadership journeys of four senior dance managers who were undertaking Fellowships with leading dance organisations - Dance Umbrella, Rambert Dance, Sadlers Wells and The Place.  The strategy included a mix of monthly tracking surveys, attending events and interviews (baseline, mid-point and on completion of Fellowships).  The report reviewed the learning opportunities experienced by the Fellows and the impact of the programme on their future careers.

"The benefit of being one of a group of fellows is the information exchange and a sense of camaraderie which makes the experience very enjoyable.  Being away to together for a period of time gave us time to discuss opportunities to work together in the future and to exchange experiences of the fellowship so far."

“I am finding the unique space provided by the Fellowship to be increasingly valuable in terms of repositioning me to other people. It is also giving me time to reflect on what I have learned over the past few years and the opportunity to apply existing knowledge in new ways as well as to learn new skills.”

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