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Evaluation of the GAIN programme

2004 - 2010

GAIN - Governance, Access, Inclusion & Networking - was a programme that sought to diversify the membership of the boards of London's key arts organisations in the pilot phase and extended to sport and heritage in the second and third phases.  It provided training and networking opportunities for Chairs, Trustees and Chief Executives to enable them to lead change within their respective organisations. It also recruited and trained BAME and disabled people interested in becoming trustees of cultural sector organisations.


The evaluation tracked the impact of the programme across all three phases.  (Phase 1: Mar 04 - Mar 06; Phase 2: Apr 06 - Mar 08; Phase 3: Apr 08 - Mar 10).  It assessed changes in trustee attitudes to diversity and tangible changes made to the make up of boards to 110 organisations.  It also assessed the impact and experiences of  the 138 BAME and disabled potential trustees that took part in phases 2 & 3.  Recommendations at the end of each phase helped to shape the programme.

Funders included Arts & Business, Arts Council England, Greater London Authority, Sport England, Sporting Equals and the MLA.  The evaluation was delivered in partnership with Michèle Taylor.

Photos: Bilkis Majek

"Melita was great to work with and very quickly got to grips with our brief and the complex needs of the stakeholders involved. Always intelligent, thoughtful and able to suggest different ways of approaching research in a sensitive manner."

- Jessica Stockford, Associate Director, Prospectus (formerly, Head of Operations, 
 Arts & Business)

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