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2012 - present

Evaluation of this annual festival since its inaugural year in 2012. Cityread London is mass reading project that brings London's residents, workers and visitors together to read the same book every April.  It involves library services from all London boroughs and in 2017 extended to involve Reading and Slough library services.  Events happen across London and include large scale public events, writer tours, talks, workshops, family learning days, immersive theatre experience and a 1,000 copy book give away.  The evaluation strategy adapts each year in response to each book, the publishing partnership, new partners and changes within the library sector.

Further information about Cityread London can be found HERE.

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Melita as a project evaluator. She has not just provided a professional and friendly service, she has given welcome guidance and support that go far beyond her remit. Melita is a valuable member of the Cityread London project team and we're looking forward to working with her on future campaigns."

- Andy Ryan, Founder & CEO of Cityread

Cityread London
Cityread London: Rivers of London
Cityread London: Ben Aaronovitch
Cityread London: Golden Hinde
Cityread London: SJ Parris aka Stephanie Merritt
Cityread London: Rivers of London, Doc Brown aka Ben Bailey Smith
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