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Verse vs Verse

2014 - 2017 and 2017 - 2020

Evaluation of this three year creative literacy project during its first, pilot phase and then into its second phase (2017-2020).  The project follows groups of children from the start of Yr4 until they reach Yr6.  A total of 16 schools in London have been involved so far, providing teachers with training in different creative literacy techniques (drama, animation, debating).  Each year of activity culminates in a poetry SLAM, with groups of children from each school performing to their peers at The Criterion Theatre. 


The evaluation was designed to be formative and enabled the project to fine tune the delivery model and explore the impact of a sustained project on groups of children, teachers and their schools over a three year period.  

For more details on verse vs verse see HERE.

Verse vs Verse

"I have worked with Melita on a number of occasions and most recently on a three year Literacy programme, Verse vs Verse which Melita evaluated. I found Melita to be very responsive and have enjoyed working with her. We had allowed limited time for the evaluation and in spite of this challenge, Melita designed a methodology that was able to capture all the elements we needed to and to shine a light on aspects of the programme that weren't at first evident to us. In fact, the evaluation process fed into the continually evolving programme design and became a key component in supporting us to ensure that our project was the best it could be. Melita brings clarity to the evaluation process and her questions and enquiries enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the fuller picture. Melita brings considerable knowledge of the arts, arts education and arts policy to her work as well as an understanding of funding and funders requirements. I would recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future."

- Rakhee Jasani

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