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Readers & Writers Programme

2012- present

Stakeholder research and evaluation of English PEN's Readers and Writers programme. The project works with refugees and soldiers, prisoners and detainees, younger people and older people (including adults with dementia) and engages them in activities linked to writing, freedom of expression and translation.

Evaluation report HERE.

"Melita's amazing! I've worked with her at both the Arvon Foundation and English PEN, where she brought her amazing eye for evaluation to all our education projects.  Melita really gets to know her client's projects - the ins and outs - and the ongoing conversation with her REALLY HELPS.  Melita points out things you'd never thought about or never thought were possible or important.  So Melita will give your project a robust independent evaluation (I've included mine as an uploaded document on my Linkedin profile because I love it so much) but she will also help you ensure you deliver an amazing project to be evaluated in the first place.  There's a potential for independent evaluation to be seen really negatively or cynically... but Melita makes the process a thoroughly enjoyable learning curve and the product essential reading."

- Philip Cowell, former Project Manger, Readers & Writers programme

English Pen - Readers & Writers Programme
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