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Research & Evaluation support Fellowship Team

2003 - 2004

Working in the Fellowship team, I was asked to look at Dream Time awardee expectations for their awards and then impact of those awards.  This meant interviewing individuals from a variety of disciplines, providing the team with transcripts and headlines. 


I also researched and commissioned a series of think pieces on the difference between mentoring and coaching from academics and professionals in order to judge which approach would be best for the Fellowship team to adopt.


Lastly, I developed NESTA's first safeguarding policy and provided guidance to the HR team on how to maintain and implement it across NESTA's work.

For more information on NESTA see HERE.

‘Artists realise that fodder for ingenuity can sometimes better be found out of the art world by hanging around laboratories, hospitals, parliament or museum skips, looking for inspiration in the form of ideas, images and discarded objects. Moving in and out of relatively impassive establishments, artists extend themselves and their audiences by acts of trespass. Rarely, if ever, does it flow the other way. In particular, rarely does the scientist trespass into the art world.’

Janna Levin, Scientist-in-residence

Ruskin School of Art (2003-2004)

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