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See A Voice - Quality Standards Research


The research was to establish quality standards in captioning and audio description (collectively referred to as 'assisted performances'), drawing on customer feedback and customers' interest in developing the provision of these services and monitoring the quality of these services. 


See A Voice was a 3.5 year project funded through the Treasury's Invest to Save budget and Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts, that supported 27 venues across England and a touring theatre company, to programme and deliver good quality, in-house audio described and captioned performances.

Further information about the See A Voice project can be found HERE.

In partnership with Michèle Taylor.

"Please put the captioned box on stage, on the set somewhere, not too high or low, or far from the set to the left and right, to be seen easily.  Then put me in a great place where I can see both the actions and action of the play AND the captioned box itself.  Then I'll be a very happy man!"

Research respondent

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